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Benny Looking for Love

Baby Benny saw our local vet and had blood work done. He is now at the neurologist to see if they can figure out what is wrong with him. Please help! Read more.

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This 6 month old baby just arrived - hasn't been able to walk for 3 months. A complete workup will be done to find what the problems are.This puppy Benny is in dire need of help, and we are able to say yes and help with your donated dollar! Benny is paralyzed and has tremors, is severely underweight.  Scroll through to see some pictures.  We are off to the vet to start solving this puzzle and do what is best for Benny. ????


Why is Daphneyland Important?  Because dogs like Charles and Sam, dogs like the 3 Hickey hounds, dogs like Lotto, Ol' Borger, Abuelo and Gordon would have no where to go.  Charles & Sam's people had to relocate and alternate arrangements fell through for rehoming. Opal, Tanzey & Emma lost both of their people to CoVid.  Lotto was left to die on the side of the road.  Whether through situations, financial crisis, illness, death, abandonment, neglect or stray ... all of these dogs needed a safe place to go.  Daphneyland is that place.  

Vet care, medications, shelter, heat, and food all cost money.  And tomorrow, there will be more dogs in these same positions who will need us to be there for them.  Please help us continue to offer help to families and dogs like these.  


About the Organization

Daphneyland is unique! We focus on nutritional, medical, social and behavioral rehabilitation of basset hounds (and a few bloodhounds) with the goal of placing them in forever homes with a loving family. We house the hounds on THEIR 5 acre property in Acton California.

6221 Shannon Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

EIN: 32-0198167



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  • Update

    ***TEAR WARNING*** Benny ATB 3/18/21 - The story that must be told. BUYER BEWARE.
    The email came in, not different from many.
    A single mom with kids bought a discount pup that had been kicked (or so they were told). 3 months later and the pup was not getting better, Family could not afford vet care. We said yes, bring him in. We do paralysis cases all the time. Several a month during cold weather patterns. My face froze as he arrived. My heart sank. I recognize the bone structure. I recognize the symptoms. OH NO!!
    Constant trembling, pupil diffusion, bone deformities. This was not a paralysis case, this was a genetic issue. Most likely "someone" randomly breeding related dogs and selling them over the internet.
    Our team immediately went to work. Sandi got testing kits from MSU Genetics Lab, BHCA Health Committee was notified and jumped up to help. Dr. Loken moved his schedule for blood, urine, fecal, exams. Fundraising was started. We have seen this all to often in Los Angeles. Nathan at 6 weeks. Audrey at 1.5 years. Vladamir at 4 months. Mila at 4 years. Now Benny. We were determined. After consulting & reviewing with many of our networking veterinarians, we headed to Neurology. The exam and consensus was Multifocal CNS. No treatment currently possible. Benny's Team was huge, and we all tried everything possible. Yet his condition worsened. Yesterday after his genetic lab results came back, the decision for euthanasia was made.
    Benny FREAKED OUT whenever he was laid sideways, so I held his spine upright with my arm as I murmured through the mask, and Dr. Loken - amazing as always, sent him on his way. Thank you Nick, Amanda, Dr. Loken, Sandi, Erica, Judy, Nancy, Bruce, Luis, and everyone for the moral support and assistance on this very sad case. Dr. Loken with tears in his eyes said: "What could he have done to deserve this life?" He was right. I put together an educational video, the link is below in the credits. I warn you - you will cry. We all have, and we knew what to expect. In honor of the love we all have for Benny, please share this video where appropriate to help educate puppy buyers. PLEASE DO NOT BUY PUPPIES OVER THE INTERNET! RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS DO NOT SELL PUPPIES ON A WEBSITE, EVER!!!!
    Benny - our beautiful boy. Who never deserved anything but to be healthy, happy and loved. Now romping and playing as he should have been all along.
    Benny Forever of Daphneyland ATB 3/18/21

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