Momma Mazzey Needs Help!

Urgent help needed for Mazzey!

NEW PUPPY PICS AT 12 DAYS OLD!!  Six year old VERY PREGNANT Mazzey & her 8 month old son, Myles, were relinquished to us when their owner had to move and couldn't get anyone to take them.  We found them running in the street in 100 degree weather.  Needless to say we are thankful they reached out to us to help these hounds.  Mazzey and her pups need your help with upcoming vet care, lots of food, supplements, vaccines, and surgery.  

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Yesterday a call came in from an owner that was moving, had 2 hounds and had tried to find family or friends that could take his hounds.

Today, our volunteer Michelle drove out to Palm Desert to pick up this pair.  A 6 yr old female and her 8 month old pup.  FInding them running in the street in 100 degree weather - this girl is VERY PREGNANT.
We are anticipating an average size litter of 5, if there are more puppies our goal will be raised to accommodate the increased needs.  At this point, Momma Mazzey will need nutritional support and eventually a spay and dental.  The puppies will need routine puppy vet care, vaccines, food and supplements for at least 10 weeks, maybe longer.

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  • Update

    We have reviewed the name suggestions submitted by the donors on Mazzey’s Giving Grid. The top 4 names for the 2 girls are CARMELLO, DOVE, GODIVA and MOCHA. The top 6 names for the 3 boys are: BON-BON, CADBURY, GANACHE, SNICKERS, TOBERLONE and WHITMAN. You may vote ONE time in the comments ON OUR FACEBOOK POST by putting your favorite girl and boy name. If you comment more than once or put more than one boy and one girl name in the comments, your vote will not count. Voting will be open from now through May 1. We will announce the names on May 2nd.

  • Update


    We have decided to go with a "Chocolate" Theme for their name.  When you make a donation, you can your suggestion for a "chocolate" name in the comments.  When the Giving Grid closes, we will select our favorites from the list and will put them up for a vote for the top five names!  

    Thanks for donating ... and think sweet ... thank CHOCOLATE!

  • Update

    THE PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED!   Mazzey did a fantastic job of safely delivering her five puppies last night!  She had 3 boys and 2 girls ... all tri-colored,  Check out the photos and videos of the new born puppies!  These five babies will require lots of time, love, vet care and food for the next 10 - 12 weeks before they will be ready to be adopted!  Please share this story and Giving Grid with your friends and family!  

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