Giving Tuesday is here!

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Giving Tuesday is here!

This Giving Tuesday, we hope you can help by donating to our medical fund so we can continue helping dogs and cats in need of medical attention. Read more.

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This Giving Tuesday, we hope you can help by donating to our medical fund so we can continue helping dogs and cats in need of medical attention. Our medical fund has been drained by expensive care of recent animals we took in who have needed our help.

We know at this time of year, there are numerous causes asking for your help, and we hope that you might think of us when it comes to donating.

Sunny Sky's is often a last resort for many dogs and cats. From the old dog with one eye who needs extensive dental surgery, to the cat with a large tumor who was left behind when his owners moved away. The puppies pictured here are no different. When we were contacted to evaluate a hoarding situation where many dogs and puppies resided in deplorable conditions, we said yes. We contacted numerous rescues and humane societies to see if they could help, but most were full or didn't have the ability to work with unsocial dogs. Despite being a small rescue, we took on the challenge. Our fosters have gone above and beyond to help these little ones and are dedicating all of their time to ensuring they stay clean, are given plenty of good food to feed their tiny bellies, and feel safe and loved.


When helping dogs and cats, our mission has always been to help those who need us most. We say yes to dogs and cats who have been deemed initially undesirable, because we believe with enough care, love, and dedication that you will see what we see in these animals. Not their breed, their trauma, or their scars, but the soul of these special dogs and cats. With a little love, understanding and patience, these once undesired dogs and cats, become the most beloved members of the family who adopts them, and we know it's because of you, our supporters and our awesome group of foster families. You open your hearts and homes to these animals and together we change the lives of many. Sometimes all pets need are a second chance, and that's why we are here. We try to go the extra mile to help dogs and cats live their happiest lives. It has only been two weeks and these sweet puppies and dogs who have come from deplorable conditions are opening up and beginning to trust for the first time. It's transformations like these that make us feel like what we do matters and is what keep us going, and we hope it inspires you as much as it does us!

As we launch our fundraising efforts we would appreciate to the moon and back if you would support and share our fundraiser. We are not state, city or county funded which leaves us with a small, yet mighty team. We so appreciate your time, consideration and well wishes as we continue helping animals who need us most.

Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue

About the Organization

Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue specializing in helping animals in need of extra medical attention.

4227 S Meridian D335
Puyallup, wa 98373

EIN: 27-4119996



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