Help us open the SSSD Safehouse!

South Side Street Dogs is moving to a manned facility! But we need YOUR HELP! Dogs in Sunnyside are suffering at the hands of man. We can streamline our mission- pull dogs off the street to safety- and get them the medical help they need- without worrying about lack of space!  At Safehouse, we will meet their social & emotional needs by working with the dogs on structure, socialization, and obedience for better chances of good fosters/adopters. 

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  • $14,280Goal

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Thank You Gifts

Rescue Saves Lives Two Pocket Tote

For a donation of $50 or more.

Two Pocket Tote features roomy pocket, side pocket, 20" straps,
Tote reads "Rescue Saves Lives, South Side Street Dogs, Sunnyside, Hou,TX, with 2 stray dogs in silhouette.

Number Available: 8

Rescue Saves Lives Tee

For a donation of $100 or more.

Shirt Reads: "Rescue Saves Lives" ; South Side Street Dogs; Sunnyside, Houston, TX;" , Design has a stray dog looking up at wearer with hope :)

Number Available: 11

SSSD Safehouse Pawllway Paw

For a donation of $250 or more.

Your name on one of the SSSD Safehouse Pawllway Paws! In the walk out for playtime, our dogs get to see your name each time they go to and from their activities!

Number Available: Unlimited

Sponsor Stepping Stone

For a donation of $500 or more.

Sponsorship Stepping Stone in the SSSD Pawlywood Walk of Fame from Kennels to Play Yards! Your stepping stone will be paw or bone shape with your or your cherished pet's name.

Number Available: Unlimited

Kennel Sponsorship at SSSD Safehouse

For a donation of $1000 or more.

Your name on a kennel in SSSD Safehouse! A plaque with your name will hang on the kennel

Number Available: 20


  • Update


    Hello awesome SSSD supporters!  Because of your support, South Side Street Dogs Giving Grid Fundraiser has met 81% of its fundraising goal!

    We will be sending out our thank-you gifts this week, thank you for your patience!

    Thank you so much for helping us meet this milestone, but we aren't quite there yet!  We have only a little bit to go, just 19% left, or only $2735 left of our $14,280 goal!!  Our supporters are absolutely amazing and we want to thank everyone for their support, we could not have come this far without everyone chipping in for our kennels and fencing!  

    We have already ordered our outdoor runs, have begun ordering our indoor kennels, and have already shopped around and found the best bang for the buck fencing we can find.  All thanks to supporters like you!  What we lack now is just fencing.  

    Please if you can, help us share with other animal loving family and friends so we can wrap up this fundraiser and get our fencing order placed!

    We can not do what we do without you- we cannot wait to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

    Thank you so much for caring for the abandoned and neglected street dogs of Sunnyside!

    ~The South Side Street Dog Team

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SSSD Safehouse is exactly that.  We will be a safe haven to those dogs who, through no fault of their own, met unfortunate circumstances on the Sunnyside streets- they were dumped, thrown out of cars, tortured, shot, abandoned, starved, lived on chains until they weren't serving whatever purpose they were supposed to be serving anymore...


SSSD, until now, has helped these unfortunate souls to a limited extent:  limited by space. We feed on our feeding route, take photos, network for fosters, or pick up the injured and rush to the vet and find emergency placement.  We have a small residential kennel house with very limited space... and our own apartment.  

But there are dogs we do feel need to be picked up urgently, like those who are newly dumped and aren't street smart- who can't really survive on the streets- but we feverishly network for fosters and never get foster offers... and many times we lose sleep over these dogs over sheer worry for their safety.  Sometimes they do end up hurt- shot or hit by a car, etc.  And we cry, thinking "if we had only had a place to put him!"

We now have that opportunity.  But we need your help to make this dream a reality.  We have found the space, and are needing funds for to get started!  We will mainly use the funds in three concentrated areas: perimeter fencing and cross fencing for play yards, new indoor kennels, and indoor/outdoor kennels.  We are trying to raise $14,280 for this goal.  This will take a village.  But we can, brick by brick, pic by pic, we can make it happen!

Dogs will be rotated both outside in play yards AND inside, several times a day.  Street dogs will learn how to live inside a home environment.  This is a major part of what we do.  With 3-4 people rotating at one time on a schedule, in a place this size, we wouldn't even run into each other.  We will have all safety measures and protocols in place. This facility will also have a medical foster area.  Once completed, volunteers will have a blast in the two play yards and bathing areas.  But it can't happen without your support!

Please share this fantastic opportunity with your animal-loving friends and family~ it really takes a village to make a dream like this a reality for the dogs of the South Side!

With this facility, the possibilities are endless for what we can do for the street dogs of Sunnyside.  But one thing is certain- we simply can not do it without your help!  We thank you so much for your support and helping the dogs Sunnyside!

South Side Street Dogs, Inc.

About the Organization

PO Box 331460
Houston, TX 77233

EIN: 46-3019202



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