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SoCal Parrot is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that rescues and cares for wild urban parrots throughout southern California. We have outgrown our current location and are building a new state-of-the-art facility to help more parrots.

The construction for our new multi-aviary complex is close to being complete, but the cost to build this type of structure isn't cheap! We need your assistance to raise the money to finish this project. Thank you for your help!

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Thank You Gifts

SCP Small Tote - Green

For a donation of $50 or more.

Ditch the plastic bags & go green instead (literally) with this SCP-branded tote. You can help save the planet AND show off your support of wild parrots. Win-win!

Number Available: 50

SCP Blanket - Seafoam Green

For a donation of $100 or more.

Keep cozy and show off your support for SoCal Parrot with this luscious throw! It will keep you warm while reminding you of all the help you've provided for wild parrots!

Number Available: 19

Name Engraved on Donor Plaque

For a donation of $250 or more.

Your name (or loved one's memorial) engraved on a donor list plaque that will hang at the entrance to the main enclosure.

Number Available: Unlimited

Single Donor Plaque

For a donation of $500 or more.

Your name (or in memory of a loved one) plus a short message, engraved and hung near the entrance of our main aviary.

Number Available: 8

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About a year ago, our founders purchased a 24-acre plot of land just south of our current location. The plan for this new property is to house wild parrots (rehab patients, juveniles, pre-release birds, and permanent residents) inside a large multi-aviary complex. Eventually, we plan to expand with an on-site wildlife hospital, vistors' center, and educational area.

Construction on the new multi-aviary complex is partially completed, but we need help from our supporters to finance the remaining portion. Your donation will go directly to cover the construction costs.

Once the complex has been completed and all of the birds are moved into their new homes, we will host an open house event to celebrate the beginning of a new and bright future!

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