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Animals in our Community are counting on YOU! This October looks a little different, but with your support, we can make a difference just the same. We honor Pit Bull Awareness Month by raising funds for the spay / neuter of dogs and cats in our community to prevent breeding, neglect and overpopulation. This year, while we can't host an in-person event, we need your help to spay / neuter more cats and dogs in need together. Can we count you in?

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Community Pets in need are counting on YOU this October!  Your gift will directly cover medical costs for a dog or cat in desperate need.


Can we count you in?  This October looks a little different than those in the past, but with your support, we can make a difference just the same.  Every October, we celebrate Pit Bull Awareness month with a campaign to raise awareness.  The beneficiaries of this month are pets in our community, with a special focus on the spay / neuter of pit bulls, and other breed dogs, and community cats to prevent breeding, neglect and overpopulation.


This year, while we can’t host an in-person event, we are counting on your support to break the cycle and as we spay / neuter more cats and dogs in need together as “Pit Stop meets Community Cats.”  When you choose a box from our Giving Grid, you can know that your donation is going directly to the cost of the essential medical care listed below.  Every donation will help save countless lives and break the cycle.


In neighboring communities, pit bull puppies and kittens are handed out on the street or sold.  Many end up in animal control, and many more end up on the streets, tied in yards, breeding or involved in dog fighting (cats / kittens are sadly used as bait).  It has been our experience that very few are spayed or neutered. 


Many residents are open to spay / neuter options but are not actively seeking these options.  That is where WE come in.  The Pit Stop program is a free spay / neuter program, with a focus on pit bulls, to decrease breeding, neglect and abandonment.  Hand in hand with Pit Stop, we have implemented a Community Cats program, offering TNR support and a free spay / neuter program to decrease the unintentional breeding and abandonment of cats.  


With your help, we can offer the support needed to provide essential medical care as we continue to build our relationship with the community. Please consider a donation to help directly cover the cost of a spay / neuter surgery or essential vaccinations and care. 


Here is the impact that your donation will make:  $200 covers a dog spay / neuter, $100 covers a cat spay / neuter, $50 covers a TNR surgery for a feral cat, $25 covers vaccinations, and $15 covers preventatives and deworming.


Once your donation is made, you can choose to share photos of the animals in your life who have inspired your gift.  This Giving Grid will be posted on our website, social media, and displayed at the shelter, to help continue to raise awareness, give thanks, and encourage others. 

Can we count you in on a program that can and will save hundreds of dogs and cats from a life of pain and suffering?  Please make a donation now – and help us to break the cycle. 


Meet some of the animals you will be helping:


This face matters – Help Jacob live what time he has left in happiness, and help us to break the cycle.


Sweet Jacob is a loveable, forgiving senior who is ready to put his past behind him and live his best life starting today.  Sadly, Jacob may not have long to live, as an aggressive tumor was found in his chest.


Jacob was rescued from an inner city animal control at 12 years old in rough shape, after his owner was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Jacob has been through so much, but his sweet disposition has yet to falter despite his failing body.  Jacob had a mass on his chest that doctors believe is an aggressive tumor.  He also had a testicular tumor and severe arthritis in his elbows.  His ears were badly infected, one so bad that it was filled with puss and had a rotting odor.  We can’t imagine the pain he has been feeling for so long, but Jacob remained docile and cooperative through his medical care – his nature is really incredible despite his difficult past.  With immediate medical care and compassion, this sweet boy is already feeling like a new man, finally getting the tender care he has always deserved.  Your gift today will directly help support the medical care of dogs like Jacob. 


Jacob is good with all people and enjoys the company of other dogs!  He has a thick furry coat that makes him even more huggable.  Jacob is the perfect, happy go lucky senior boy who wants everyone know that his best days are yet to come!  Please visit to find out more.  Consider fostering / adopting this beautiful boy – and remember – adopt a senior, because it took years to get this sweet! 




These faces matter – meet a colony of beautiful, deserving cats, and help us to break the cycle!


A dozen stray cats in desperate need, a loving caretaker spending countless hours daily to keep them alive against the odds – but without support for medical care and spay / neuter, this is an endless cycle that will never be broken.  Animals in our Community like these beautiful cats are counting on YOU this October!  Can we count you in? Please consider a donation to help us save these cats and break the cycle! 


When their caretaker reached out, we knew we had to help.  She was doing her best against the clock to prevent more kittens and rescue the cats before animal control closed in on them and set out traps to euthanize the cats.  Her frantic plea touched our hearts, “You are my last resort for help.  No one else has time and I am so worried about the winter coming.” 


We quickly put a plan in action, and the caretaker has been amazing.  She has set up a beautiful space for the cats, is currently trapping them with a trap we trained her to use and is graciously accepting donations to make her cat area a sanctuary for these homeless cats until we can together find a better future for them.  She wants to help these cats, and she wants to pay it forward to help us rescue and foster more in the future.  It’s a wonderful partnership that will help save so many lives. 


How can you help?  By choosing a box from our Giving Grid, you can be the missing link between a loving home and an endless cycle with your donation towards the spay / neuter and medical care of these beautiful, deserving cats. 

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