Blanca & her Babies Need Our Help!

Urgent help needed for Blanca & 9 Babies!

UPDATE! Blanca, the abandoned 2 year-old gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies (3 girls, 6 boys) last night by C-Section and all are doing fantastic! So far, we have raised less than half of our $2,000 goal towards her vet bills and we'll need help providing care and supplies for Mama Blanca and her babies in the upcoming weeks. Any amount you can donate for this sweet family is greatly appreciated!


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  • Raised: $1,200
  • Goal: $2,000

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Blanca, a 2 year-old "Mama-To-Be" was abandoned and had no place to have her pups. AmsterDog stepped up to take Blanca under our wing. Unfortunately, we have since learned that Blanca has a hyperplasia condition that will prevent her from delivering her pups naturally and needs a C-Section delivery within the next several days. This procedure will cost approximately $2,000Any amount you can donate for Blanca is greatly appreciated!


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