My name is Wink. My family abandoned me during hurricane Irma. I was left to weather the storm with no place to hide. I was just a baby. I lost my eye and contracted distemper, a horrible, fatal disease. Polka Dogz searched for a treatment and saved me. I am now alive because of them.

Now Polka Dogz is looking for a home to save more dogs like me. Dogs that have no place to go. Please DONATE AND SHARE so we don't have to weather the storm alone.

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The road to rescue begins with YOU. Help us stay safe.

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My name is Maverick...now. To you, the person who hit me, mangled my leg and left me, I was nothing but a nameless, faceless stray. To you I was nothing. You left me on the side of the road in excruciating pain and you just drove away. I was defenseless and helpless and then it happened again. 

This time you broke my back and severed my spine. And again, you drove away. I was paralyzed and left to die a horrible death.

Luckily, Chris didn’t drive away. He scooped me up and got me to Polka Dogz and for the first time in my life I know love ~ Maverick.

I was close to death when Polka Dogz found me. My tiny body was riddled with infections. I was only a year old and I thought my life was over. Luckily, thanks to Polka Dogz Pet Rescue my life began to change.

I immediately went to the emergency vet where they  wanted to euthanize me. Thankfully Polka Dogz got me out of there in a hurry. They took me to specialist after specialist getting MRI’s, CT scans, physical therapy, laser treatments and more. I know I cost them a fortune but they personally put up the money to help me. I have a great life now and my own set of custom wheels because Polka Dogz didn’t give up on me. They thought my life was worth it.

I tell you this story because this is what Polka Dogz is about. I’ve seen some pretty sad cases come into this rescue and the recovery has been nothing short of amazing. Some are badly broken both physically and emotionally and Polka Dogz helps them. 

You read about Wink left in a hurricane. Polka Dogz actually found a distemper specialist in another state and got her there in record time which saved her life. It cost over $2500 and Polka Dogz still helps with her medical bills today.

My friend Nina would have been put down months ago but Polka Dogz made a promise to her just like they did to me and they take their promises very seriously.

When Polka Dogz commits, they stop at nothing for our care be it physical, psychological and/or emotional. They believe in commitment not just for today but for life which is why we need your help.

Polka Dogz has been in a temporary facility for 3 years now and after 500 dogs coming through the doors, it’s just breaking down. We want a real home that we don’t have to evacuate every time there is a storm, a home that will keep us safe and help us sleep peacefully at night. We need a home where we can have a yard to run and play. Our current temporary home won’t hold out much longer and if we don’t find a new place we will be homeless again and THAT will break us. Please help us.

If you believe in our mission and care about our lives, PLEASE DONATE. My friends and I are counting on you. ~With love, Maverick.

DONATE. SHARE. We are depending on you.


$10,000 YOU get to name the building! YOU will be the “Big Dog” we thank for the roof over our heads and a nurturing place to call home until we find a forever family to love us.

$2500 You co-sponsor the outdoor pavilion/meet and greet shelter where we meet with our potential forever families.

$1000 Your name goes on a suite where we can sleep peacefully each night in a cozy bed thanks to you. 

$500 You sponsor a section of the fence that helps keep us safe and secure while we play in the yard.

$250 You co-sponsor an item in our play yard like a water station to keep us cool or a bench so people can hang out with us

$100 You get an engraved brick. Will you dedicate it to your beloved pet or an animal lover? Anytime someone comes to visit they will see this beautiful patio full of love and support

$50. Maybe you lost a loved one. This is your chance to have their name engraved forever on a plaque on our memory wall. These are the angels who will look over us.

$20 Every dollar counts. Upload a photo and know you are part of the village that saved us.



Polka Dogz Pet Rescue Inc.

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P.O Box 1026
Oakland, Florida 34760

EIN: 47-4808100



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