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Packer is doing good. He is now staying with our intern in our Alternative housing program. So he is enjoying the comforts of home at night and then stays in our breakroom during the day. We are still trying to figure out what is wrong with him but are currently giving him a break from vets etc. for a week or so.

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This is Packer. He is currently at Animal Care Sanctuary. I am hoping to get more photos of him. Smokey's Fund is helping with this. Here is an email I received about him:
Packer our gentleman of a shelter pup, loves fluffy comforters and snuggling. He is always happy when he sees a leash in hand as he loves going for a leisurely stroll. Packer was delivered to Chenago SPCA by Fed Ex! Apparently Packer was a stray and hitched a ride with a friendly Fed Ex man who discovered him sitting in the back of the truck after making a stop for a delivery.
Packer came to ACS on 10/5/15 from Chenago SPCA as they thought he was just not thriving in their setting and asked if we could help. When he arrived, Packer began to regurgitate his water daily and was prescribed medication that helped, but didn't resolve the problem completely. Packer was also Lyme positive and was often lethargic, stiff & shakey. He was treated for this and bloodwork was obtained due to pain in his abdomen. This fella just couldn't catch a break. Bloodwork showed nothing significant. Packer sometimes had difficulty breathing and would have moments when he would turn blue. Off to a neighboring vet for x-rays which showed his difficulty may be due to bronchitis. Treated once again for a suspected ailment, but still no relief. Packer will be visiting a veterinarian of internal medicine at Colonial Veterinary Hospital who will determine what further diagnostics are necessary so we know how to treat this guy.
Rachel Rossiter
Director of Canine Care/Intern Coodinator

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