HSNB is Lucky in Love

Be a virtual Leprechaun for one of the animals in need at the Humane Society of the North Bay this St. Patrick's Day - And just maybe you will bring the luck needed for a pet to find a forever home.

At the HSNB our doors are open to all animals in need. This includes strays found on the streets and those whose owners can no longer provide for them. We provide shelter, food and the compassion care required to prepare them for adoption.

Here's how you can help:

Please pick a square, donate the amount of your choice ($10 minimum) & post a picture of your lucky pet to show your support for the HSNB.


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We love our friends and family and their friends for helping!

Thank You Gifts

Tote Bag

For a donation of $100 or more.

This canvas tote is customizable with one of these quotes:
- Cats/dogs are my favorite people
- Life Goal: Pet all the dogs/cats
- Home is where the dog/cat is
- Peace Love Rescue

Number Available: 19

Fleece Blanket

For a donation of $250 or more.

This Mardi Paws blanket is great for snuggling with your best friend!

Number Available: 20

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Campaign Details

Some dogs and cats come in to the HSNB and are adopted right away – those are the lucky ones. Some pets stay with us for a long time. Though we don’t let their luck run out, we’re with them for the duration. Some animals come to us injured, sick or suffering from neglect. Many times, that means incurring costly emergency and specialty veterinarian services.

The cost to care for a dog/cat?

The average kitten can cost up to $750 for 30 days of care. This covers basic food, shelter, vaccines, and medical care. One dog can cost up to $2000. And these costs are for healthy animals.

Feeding/housing a cat/dog for a week: $150

Dog jacket: $20

DHPP/Bordatella: $25

Rabies vaccine: $25

Spay/Neuter a cat: $75

Spay/Neuter a dog: $350

Microchip: $10 

Please choose a lucky horseshoe and bring the luck of the Irish to our animals today.

Humane Society of the North Bay

About the Organization

Humane Society of the North Bay is a private, nonprofit (501c3) corporation that was established in 1986 to offer shelter and adoption services for homeless animals. We are not a city shelter, nor are we managed by or affiliated with any local, county, state or national organizations. Our financial support comes almost entirely from donations by generous individuals and local businesses.

1121 Sonoma Blvd.
Vallejo, California 94590

EIN: 94-3041601



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