New Year's Eve Miracle

Urgent help needed for Lotto!

This little love bug has been named: "Lotto" by Tyler, as we know he is going to really win this!  He is currently down in the rear end, has a deformed front paw, skin issues, ear infections. Let's make a difference for our "Lotto" Welcome sweetheart - it was so close for you, let's get you better.  The Miracle has begun!  We were able to save you from death.   He needs us ALL - TEAM DAPHNEYLAND.   Teamwork, it's what saves lives! 


Please help us make this miracle happen and please share Lotto's story.

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Campaign Details

The actions of each of us, combined together, creates miracles. Teamwork, it's what saves lives!

Chase & Alexa got a text - and forwarded it.  That text was received Tuesday at 11 pm, long past the end of a shelter workday.  Dawn was up late working rescue and knew there was a very slim chance that if a call went into the shelter very early Wednesday MAYBE this boy was still here on earth.

Erica was alerted.  Erica called - emailed, and called some more.  The shelter vet was just getting ready to inject ... with the needle laying on the table next to him.  His life was SAVED BY TEAMWORK.  Tyler, busy in moving, dropped everything and headed to the shelter during CoVid crisis and lock down.  It took an hour, but he is now safe in our care!


Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland

About the Organization

Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland is unique! We focus on nutritional, medical, social and behavioral rehabilitation of basset hounds (and a few bloodhounds) with the goal of placing them in forever homes with a loving family. We house the hounds on THEIR 5 acre property in Acton California.

6221 Shannon Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

EIN: 32-0198167




  • Update

    Thank you for helping us achieve the goal for Lotto!

    As you know we have 58 hounds currently in our care, all donations go to help the hounds!

    Team Daphneyland

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