Urgent help needed for LGAR Heartworm Pack!

One monthly pill would have prevented all this suffering.  Instead, diagnosed as HW+, these dogs found themselves in high kills shelters without any hope.

Every day they were passed up for "adoptable" dogs and soon they found themselves on the "list".  We believe their lives matter.  Blondie, Maggie, Precious, Thomas, Dorothy and May can easily be healed if given the chance.  We are determined to give it to them and we can't do it without YOU.

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The LGAR Heartworm Pack, as we call them, have already begun treatment.  Their foster parents say they are amazing companions and seem to truly understand that they are finally safe.  Treatment consists of 30 days of Doxycycline followed by three rounds of injections with breaks in between.  The reality, catching Heartworm is easy, getting rid of it is not.  

The costs for treatment vary between $400-$600 each depending on size and severity of the worm load.  Yes, there are worms living in these beautiful dogs hearts.  Without treatment they will die and not without a horrible experience as the disease progresses.

We are committed to making all of their lives better and your contributions to help them are greatly appreciated

We have over 60 animals in our care currently in addition to the two litters of moms (including May and her eleven 2- week old puppies that were slated for euthanasia) and other orphans that we just rescued from being euthanized. All are and will continue to be cared for as if they were one of our own family members.  All will be given the opportunity to know what true care and comfort really is. 

Together, with our supporters, we are their voice. These 6 dogs face more challenges than others.  They deserve to live and we need your help.  

Please consider making a donation today to help us get The LGAR Heartworm Pack back on their paws again and ready to begin a happy, healthy life with a new forever family. 

Please share!!!  Many hands make light work of such a large mission!

Looking Glass Animal Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit animal welfare organization.  Donations are tax-exempt as permitted by law. 

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Looking Glass Animal Rescue is a nonprofit volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing animals from high-kill shelters, hoarding situations, puppy mills, animal fighting rings and more. While we welcome all animals in need, we focus on animals that are often overlooked due to age, breed, special need, illness or injury and frequently requiring immediate, often costly medical attention that shelters are unable to provide.

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