Badly injured and hiding for his life!

Urgent help needed for Glynn!

We are shaken by the images sent to us from a county shelter in Louisiana of a severely injured dog.

Animal control found Glynn bloodied and shaking in fear behind trash bins after a suspected dog attack. His frail, emaciated body is covered in gaping wounds with the most severe gashes on his muzzle, eye socket, and chest.

The shelter staff state that Glynn is absolutely terrified and cowers down when passing other dogs in the kennel. He must be in excruciating pain.

We immediately agreed to help and rushed Glynn to a hospital for emergency surgery to repair the damage to his face and chest. He has suffered enough! Can you help him?

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We are unsure if his eye can be saved, but our veterinary partners are doing everything they can. We need your help today to do everything possible for Glynn. He deserves better…


Second Chance Rescue Inc

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In 2009, NYC Second Chance Rescue began as a small dream, founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. All proceeds go directly to the animals, and to date, we have relied solely on donations from loyal supporters. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate — those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.

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  • Update

    Great news!! Glynn has officially found his forever home! He has a new mate and a mom who loves him to the moon and back.

    This happened because of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Big hugs!
    Second Chance Rescue

  • Update

    Pupdate on our darling Glynn.

    This gentle boy is progressing so beautifully in body and in spirit. Every day, Glynn's confidence grows, and his true personality shines through more and more. Little Glynn and his friends in Louisiana are prepping him for his trip to NYC! We are still looking for a foster (or adoptive) home for this sweet boy to land in!❤️

    Glynn is good in his crate, very mellow and quiet, does well on leash, and needs a home where he can continue to progress and come out of his shell. Glynn has been sweet and gentle with everyone he has met thus far and will be dog tested.

    Big hugs!
    Second Chance Rescue

  • Update

    Glynn is still recovering from his surgery, and thanks to the love and compassion that the staff at the hospital is showing him, his personality is starting to shine.

    This poor boy has been through hell and back; we cannot imagine the suffering he has gone through. Thankfully those days are behind him. His confidence is being built up, and he realizes that there’s nothing left to fear. He is safe now because of your generous support.

    Big hugs!
    Second Chance Rescue

  • Update

    Glynn was rushed to a hospital for surgery to close the deep lacerations on his mouth, eye, and chest.

    Glynn is recovering well, but he has definitely been through far worse than we know. When the staff takes him out for walks, he falls to the floor in fear when he sees other dogs. We cannot imagine what happened to him; all we can do is try to show him the good in the world.

    We want to thank everyone for rallying for Glynn. Your support is immeasurable, and he is truly loved.

    Big hugs!
    Second Chance Rescue

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