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This Giving Tuesday we have 2 donors who have pledged matching donations up to $15,000! Rescue is expensive! Shelter fees, vet care, food, supplements, cleaning supplies, medications, supplements, collars and tags. With 70 hungry hounds every day, those dollars are invaluable! Daphneyland exists on donations, and we thank you for each and every dollar donated! Thank you for helping today's hounds, as well as tomorrow's. Check out our video!

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  • $16,148Raised
  • $15,000Goal

We love our friends and family and their friends for helping!

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Heading into our 18th year here at Daphneyland is beyond amazing.  The hounds we care for day in and day out keep our mission focus on giving these beloved hounds quality living while they await adoption, or in some cases, sanctuary for life.  Not an easy mission, yet made possible by each and every adopter, volunteer, donor and ranch regular.  We have had our ups and downs over all these years, yet here we are, still providing an amazing transformation on the homeless hounds that need us most. Nutritional rehabilitation, veterinary care, training, and daily routines find the hounds happy and eagerly awaiting their weekend public hours and visitations from friends and family near and far. 

Daphneyland hounds continue to enjoy media attention, bringing awareness to the breed and to rescue.  2019 started out with Erica Weis & Marcel on the 2019 American Rescue Dog Show. Marcel is a natural for camera work and he was also one of our 10 Dog Actors on the Facebook Ad Commercial that has been airing since October. This year the hounds have many new hands helping and we welcome them one and all.  Thank you to all the wranglers that make this possible!

2019 found us able to replace the kennel swamp coolers, outfit the evacuation trailer, purchase the truck for evacuation plans, stockpile hound food for earthquake and power outages, replace our aging generators, correct our septic issues, add additional emergency water supply in times of power outages, acquire some new and repair some of our old elevated Kuranda beds.  We assisted in networking of many canines that moved on to rescues specific to their breed, and continued to assist Bloodhounds in need of rehabilitation.  It's been an amazing year.

As we head into the holidays, we prepare for the Christmas Eve toy distribution and ask for new toys to be donated.  Toy donations allow us to stockpile toys for the hounds’ entertainment, as well as to send each adopted hound home with a toy scented with their care-givers pheromone. We do not give rope toys, raw hides or plastic toys due to the hazards of bowel blockages.  I can personally report that December 25th is a day of squeaking and strange colored poop scooping!

Our tradition of the New Year’s Eve Memorial continues.  New donated blankets are scented up and hounds are tucked in to signify a new home in the new year. Humans gather for a dinner and a toast and at midnight we remember those who are now at the rainbow bridge.  We had many of our beloved hounds transition in this last year, it will be a night of tears and smiles … tears of missing our loved ones and smiles at the memories of their legendary antics.

Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland

About the Organization

Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland is unique! We focus on nutritional, medical, social and behavioral rehabilitation of basset hounds (and a few bloodhounds) with the goal of placing them in forever homes with a loving family. We house the hounds on THEIR 5 acre property in Acton California.

6221 Shannon Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

EIN: 32-0198167



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