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GivingGame totally gamifies the donation process, so your supporters can have fun and win great prizes, all while making a donation. Think of it as an opportunity drawing (raffle) or sweepstakes on steroids.

It's the first surefire way to overcome "donor fatigue" and create an entertaining and viral experience. 

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  • $59,785Raised
  • $25,000Goal

Have fun and thanks for helping!

Prizes won so far: 106

Super Prize

For landing in the center square.

$500 Target Gift Card

Go on a Target shopping spree courtesy of Wonderful Charity.

Magic Squares Prize(s)

These are hidden prizes under squares. If you land on one after the explosion, you win.

Wonderful Charity Rocks! T-Shirt

Red Wonderful Charity Rocks unisex T-Shirt.

Number of Magic Squares left: 9

Helping Feels So Good Bracelet

Win this great "Helping Feels So Good" bracelet from XBracelets. This adjustable one size fits all bracelet is a badge of honor.

Number of Magic Squares left: 10

A Left-handed Monkey Wrench

This wrench was specifically designed for people with a left hand...

Number of Magic Squares left: 12

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For more information on GivingGame or if you're ready to get on board and create one, contact


GivingGame is only available to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and certain qualifications apply.


About the organization

Wonderful Charity
3627 Wonderful Way
Wonderfullness, Iowa 40404

EIN: 95-4175523



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