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GivingGame totally gamifies the donation process, so your supporters can have fun and win great prizes, all while making a donation

It's the first surefire way to overcome "donor fatigue" and create an entertaining and viral experience.

Try the demo, it's fun!!

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Have fun! Win prizes! Help us bigtime!

Prizes won so far: 31

Super Prize

For landing in the center square, after the explosion.

$500 Amazon Gift Card

Go on a Amazon shopping spree courtesy of Wonderful Charity.

Ring of 12 Prize

For landing in one of the 12 squares surrounding the center square, after the explosion.

Wonderful Charity Rocks! T-Shirt

Red Wonderful Charity Rocks unisex T-Shirt, made with organic cotton and love...

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  • GivingGame is only available to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.
  • Give your supporters and their network of friends something new, viral and fun!
  • There's a free play option, so it meets standards.
  • Works great from phones too, including sound effects!
  • Go start your campaign. It's easy!

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About the organization

Wonderful Charity
3627 Wonderful Way
Wonderfullness, IA 40440

EIN: 95-4175523



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