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Raise more money with GivingGrid Flower Power! Perfect for Mother's Day and spring!

This is normally where your Brief Overview describing your campaign would go, but we're using this space to give you a brief overview of this cool new GivingGrid.

GivingGrid Flower Power is simple to create. Simply check a box during set-up and all the squares will fill with flowers. When someone donates, their photo replaces the flowers in that square.

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  • $5,000Goal

Make a donation & upload a photo of your mom!

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To get started, click here Create a GivingGrid.

If you're an existing user, go onto your dashboard and click "Create a new GivingGrid."

This would normally be where all the details of your campaign go, but we're simply sharing this text, some beautiful flowers and a couple of moms.

The possibilities are unlimited, but how about a Mother's Day campaign where sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters upload a photo of their mom or grandma and make a donation in her honor? Or how about a campaign for spring or just because the grid is gorgeous? 


GivingGrids are free to create AND we don't charge you fees!!

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