Keep Nepal's Elephants Chain-Free

You helped EAI build a solar powered chain-free corrals for the elephants of Nepal's Chitwan National Park. Now let's help the people who care for Chitwan's elephants.

We have the chance to provide gear to make the work of the mahouts (elephant handlers) easier and more efficient. We can supply items that are difficult or even impossible for mahouts to obtain themselves. 

Donate today and keep the revolution going.

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  • Update

    I wanted to thank you for supporting Elephant Aid International’s work in Nepal through our Giving Gird. It has been a unique pleasure to see the photos and comments of all of our supporters. If you have a chance to look at the Grid, I’m sure you will appreciate the diverse group of people around the world who care about the work we are doing for the elephants and the people who care for them. This week, we reached the half way point of our goal to provide necessary gear and supplies for the elephants and mahouts in Nepal. Congratulations and thank you!

    In December, I will return to Nepal to continue with mahout training and elephant foot care. There are only a few weeks left to raise the remaining funds needed to purchase protective boots, umbrellas, flashlights, wheelbarrows, and more for this project. Several $10 and $20 squares remain available on the Grid and I’m hoping you will help us yet again by sharing the Grid on your social media accounts, and encouraging your friends and family to "get on our Giving Grid."

    Support like yours helps keep Puja Kali and her son, Tec Gaj chain-free and comfortable in their recently built solar power chain-free corrals. They are the ones pictured in our Giving Grid. You can help them, and so many more elephants with just a few dollars and a “share.” Help us spread the word so we can meet our goal before I return to Nepal.

    With gratitude,

    Carol Buckley

Campaign Details

For Asia's elephants, life in captivity is filled with pain, isolation, and despair. But life does not have to be this way.

 Change is possible!

In an unprecedented gesture of faith in a US-based nonprofit organization, private NGOs in Thailand and the Nepalese government invited Elephant Aid International (EAI) to create their countries' first-ever solar powered chain-free corrals.

As of August 2015, EAI has built chain-free corrals at Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital and Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary, both in Thailand, and at Chitwan National Park, Nepal, where 63 elephants work and live.

EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley will return to Nepal in December 2015 to continue the Chain-Free Means Pain Free initiative as well as give elephant pedicures and continue the Mahout Elephant Training Initiative (positive reinforcement based training).

The mahouts of Chitwan National Park recognize the benefits of their elephants living chain-free, but it also increases their workload.  

We can help. The mahouts need supplies and gear that are difficult or even impossible to obtain in Nepal.

By providing simple supplies like flashlights, rubber boots, umbrellas and wheel barrows, we can and will make a tangible difference in the lives of captive elephants and their caregivers in Nepal. Join us!

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