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Clermont Pets Alive is a program of the 501(c)(3) organization "Pet Alliance".  Our goal is to help homeless animals find loving Forever Homes.  Funding the vetting for the Homeless Animals is always our major challenge. 

Please consider a donation in honor of a special pet that has touched your heart.

Through this community effort, we can help more Homeless Animals find their very own Forever Home.

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Campaign Details

The Ohio winter weather is very dangerous for the discarded/forgotten/overlooked stray cats and kittens surviving outdoors.  Clermont Pets Alive (CPA) has already received reports that kitties are found frozen to death.  CPA is focusing on helping these colony cats and kittens survive, get spay/neutered, microchipped and find an indoor home if kitties are socialized.  If kitty is truly feral (not just scared), kitty will be spay/neutered, microchipped and vetted and rehomed to a barn home.

Helping these colony cats and kittens take a team of dedicated animal lovers working together for the common goal of getting these kitties to safety:

1)  Feeder - person who takes time to leave food & get to know these kitties who many times are starving due to lack of available food source

2)  Trapper - person who takes time to set live traps and waits in their cars in the winter evenings hoping a kitty is caught

3)  Rescue Organization - organization willing to accept trapped kitty into their program in order to secure funding, vetting, fostering and adoption/placement once assessment has been made as to kitty's socialization prospects.

4)  Donors - Donors provide the funding for the required vetting needs

5)  Vets  -  Vet personnel who are comfortable handling feral "acting" kitties, many of whom are just VERY scared

6)  Foster Home - Fosters for cats and kittens coming from an outdoor colony many times must deal with feral or VERY scared kitties, so they many times will need to understand the progression of helping a very scared kitty learn to trust humans (many for the first time).

7)  Adopters  -  Adopters may need to understand and be patient with their new family additions as they may be slow to trust anyone other than the Foster who has successfully won their trust initially.

Working together by building a network of the above 7 groups, we can save a cat or kitten that is at risk of being forgotten and suffering an agonizing painful and slow demise.  Animal Lovers can "move mountains of obstacles" when there is an animal in need.  Please help Clermont Pets Alive MOVE MOUNTAINS!!

About the organization

Pet Alliance / Clermont Pets Alive
1250 W. Ohio Pike, Suite 201
Amelia, OH 45102

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