The Blue Comet on the Move!

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, a 501(c)(3) organization, is moving the Blue Comet coaches Westphal and D'Arrest to a new home in NJ!  The time has come to get these cars back into the spotlight.  In order to get these back to their former glory we will get them to a location where they can be better worked on.

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One step closer to riding the Blue Comet Route once again!

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The Blue Comet Westphal and D'Arrest ON THE MOVE!

United Railroad Historical Society NEEDS YOU!


The URHS is moving the two Blue Comet coaches we own, the Westphal and D'Arrest, that have been graciously stored on the Southern Railroad of New Jersey for the past many years to a new home, so they can be better preserved while our restoration plan is finalized.  The cars will not be able to move by rail so they will be trucked out of Winslow Junction. 

Since grants are hard to come by and also take a long time to secure, we are reaching out to the public, the historians and the fans of these truly significant pieces of New Jersey history for donations to help fund the move and to begin funding the return of these two cars to service.  Through some gracious donations we have funding to move one of the cars!!  Thank you for your support! 

So now, our goal is to raise $20,000 for the movement of the second car and to begin stabilizing them.  Once the cars are moved and secure, focus will begin on the preservation and restoration, but one step at a time.  Time is of the essence with this, so please, donate here on GivingGrid and help us save and preserve these important pieces.  If the goal is not met, all resources exhausted and the second car is unable to be saved, all funds raised will go towards the restoration of the one car moved.  That is worst case scenario and I have high hopes that it will not come to that. 

Help us spread the word as well as donate!  Share this page with everyone you can to help us reach our goal!

Please also visit for more info on our organization and our collection.

URHS of NJ is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!

Steve Gerritsen

VP Operations

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