In Honor of Betty White

Betty White was a huge advocate and supporter of animals for nearly 100 years. She did so much to improve the life of SOOOOO many animals. I know she would have LOVED  Catmandu and its cage-free, no-kill philosophy.

January 17th would have been her 100th birthday. Please make a donation in her honor to support Catmandu's efforts to help homeless cats and then post a picture of your pet to commemorate her lifelong dedication to helping animals. 

She will be sorely missed. 

Meow Betty. Meow.

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Thank you Betty for a lifetime of love laughter and animals

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About the Organization

Catmandu is a unique cage-free sanctuary and rescue for cats in northern Nevada that focuses on satisfying their physical, mental and emotional needs. We help cats of all ages from everywhere in northern Nevada and also offer a senior to senior long-term foster program that matches senior citizens with senior cats age 10+. At any given time, we are usually caring for 100 or so adoptable and sanctuary cats.

1829 Brown St
Carson City, NV 89701
United States

EIN: 46-3185779



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