New Beginnings for the Babes!

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New Beginnings for the Babes!

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The new barn home for our special kiddos is becoming a reality! Two of the three piece kit is here from Vermont. This new home will be a game changer for the lives of these babies! They will be able to go freely outside and enjoy the sunshine or stay inside. This home for them will be no different than living in the house, just like they have been for the past few years. All the luxuries of home, only better. We have a some preparation to do before putting it together and this is where I'm asking for your help to be a part of this new chapter in their lives.

Once it's complete, this will also become a wonderful place for our supporters to come visit and socialize with the babies.

The care, healing and sanctuary we give disabled baby goats and other farm animals at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary is immeasurable, and this new home is a dream come true for them (and me).

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Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary

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A Non profit 501c3 Sanctuary providing care, healing, and a loving home to disabled baby goats and other baby farm animals. Our mission is to provide sanctuary to those needing extra care due to deformities or life changing injuries. We believe in bringing awareness to the fact that just because they are disabled doesn't mean they are any less deserving to live a full and happy life.

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