2018 As If They Were Our Own

Feral Fixers treats every cat we come across AS IF THEY WERE OUR OWN. This often requires much additional expense for Medical Care which impacts our ability to fulfill our primary mission of Trap-Neuter-Return.

For this year's fundraiser, we have a promise of $3,400 in matching funds!

We ask you to please donate whatever you can to help us pay for these additional medical expense so we can continue to treat all cats AS IF THEY WERE OUR OWN.

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  • $3,733Raised
  • $3,400Goal

We treat every cat we reach AS IF THEY WERE OUR OWN...

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Campaign Details

The story of Chip

A 2yr old Ragdoll mix, we learned a lot about him thru his chip.  He started out in Alaska, was adopted out thru a shelter there and had an eye defect at that time.  His people moved to Wisconsin and after a time, adopted a puppy and Chip was then put outside - abandoned.  Our volunteer took him in, knew he had issues.  His eye was re-checked, found to be stable.  He tested negative for FELV/FIV but had severe stomatitis.  14 teeth were extracted, all of those behind the canines, lower and upper, both sides.  Chip felt so much better after the procedure!  He has gone on to be adopted, his adopters went on with another dental as the inflammation with the other teeth got worse, and the rest of his teeth were removed by their vet.  Our cost for Chip was $1,200.  He should go on to have a great life now, despite the rocky start.  So many thanks to the adopters for their great care!

And Chip is not our only As If They Were Our Own cat - there's Alamo. One of our adopted cats, Alamo, spent a very long time in foster before being adopted to a wonderful couple.  Although he had a dental before adoption, he also needed an extensive return visit, which we helped with at a cost of $600.  He is doing so very well now!!!

And then there's Corn, an FIV+ cat that had labwork and a dental at a cost to Feral Fixers of $250.  Many thanks to his adopters who are taking great care of him and did not let his FIV status deter them from bringing him home!

These are just three more cats that we give the care and consideration

As If They Were Our Own!

Feral Fixers, NFP

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