Orangutan Caring Scholarship Fund

College Graduates Become Orangutan Advocates.  

Orangutans are critically endangered because their habitat is being destroyed and local people do not understand the consequences of this destruction.  We want to help provide higher education so more people from Sumatra and Borneo can become empowered to help save the orangutan for the long term.

 Our campaign is to raise funds to keep this successful program running for years to come.  You can help.

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  • $1,905Raised
  • $33,000Goal

We're one big team on a mission to fill this GivingGrid!

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Campaign Details

Our campaign is simple... we want to create a fund large enough to provide many tuition scholarships to needy students from Indonesia living in Sumatra and Borneo on a competitive basis. Help us keep the fund going.

Orang Utan Republik Foundation

About the Organization

2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #828
Santa Monica, CA 90404

EIN: 26-0880405



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