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PawSafe Animal Rescue has placed thousands of dogs over the past 20 years. Here's your chance to show your gratitude, while showing off your best pics! Help us fill the grid with rescued furkids!!!

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Let's see all the great photos from our wonderful supporters!

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Often times the photos that flash across our site are of cute little puppies that generate  "ohhh's and ahhhh's" or wonderful adults with deep soulful expressions – all ready to start their journey of finding a new home.  Everyone is beautiful and looks happy and healthy.  We are appreciative for your help in sharing these photos so that their little faces reach more people than we could alone.

But a lot goes on behind the scenes to get these wonderful dogs and puppies ready to go home with you.  Most do not come to PawSafe looking the way they do at events.  Many are in need of expensive medical care, shelter, and tons of TLC.   

PawSafe's goal has always been to have a shelter with a spay/neuter clinic accessible to the public.  Your donation can make this a reality. Please consider making a donation to help us save these dogs and countless others!

PawSafe Animal Rescue tirelessly strives for and envisions the day where every adoptable companion animal has a loving, responsible home, where no animal will suffer from abuse, neglect or ignorance. We look forward to a society that no longer views adoptable companion animals as a disposable commodity and people responsibly spay or neuter their animals to put an end to the overpopulation that exists today.

Please take a few minutes to watch PawSafe's video about what we do and why we volunteer for this cause.

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