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Volunteer Eva worked very hard yesterday to help pose Stormy hoping a rescue would notice her.  Her hard efforts have paid off and we have a rescue who will pull Stormy IF we can first get her treated for heartworms.  Poor Stormy found herself homeless when her family was evicted.  It was a terribly sad day for that family to be broken up but now Stormy has a second chance.  $200 will cover her bill and save her.  Please help her,  won't you?

  • Raised: $200
  • Goal: $200

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Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    You are the best!! 

    Stormy could not be more pleased to meet you.  Thanks to your support and the help from a few others, she now has her whole life ahead of her.   Our heart was breaking for Stormy when she arrived just a few days ago.  The sadness on her face and her human's face was almost too much to bear.  The only solace we could offer either Stormy or her human was the promise of finding Stormy a new, good home. 

    Thanks to you support and the help of a little volunteer named Eva and her sister Ranen,  Stormy now has the funds to get heartworm treatment. With funds in hand,  she was able to confirm her rescue offer.   She will remain in SC for 3 more weeks and then undergo her treatment.  Following 4 weeks of crate rest,  Stormy will then transport to PA where she has an eager foster family preparing for her arrival.

    Thank you for helping to create a happy ending to what could have been a very, very sad story. 

    DCHS Rescue

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