Stella - a hound with a team

Urgent help needed for Stella aka Maddie!

An emergency call from the streets. We had minutes to decide to help.

These cases are often life and death, and we never know which it will be. Vet care is the immediate need, and often this requires several steps. Maddie (renamed Stella) was beyond critical, and now we are 96 hours later.  Stella is eating, drinking, urinating & pooping! Her road to recovery will be long, she is in the hospital getting treatment right now! Her team has worked over time despite rioting in the streets.

Help Stella get every chance to learn what it means to be a loved dog!

Please DONATE! Every dollar counts! Be a part of Stella's TEAM!

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Campaign Details

Covered in filth, parasites, emaciated, mouth ulcers. It's a miracle she is still alive. The plea went out and our amazing team coordinator had a volunteer get her, take her to the closest vet for evaluation and testing. If distemper was present, she would not survive in this condition. Distemper is negative, liver counts are critical. Tick fever & blood work shows just how critical, and she was transferred to a critical care veterinary hospital. The first 72 hours are extra critical. All while rioting was going on in the streets. We put together a brief video to show those hours.

This will not be a simple case. She will need a ton of veterinary critical care, not to mention dental and all the fine tuning needed to bring her to a status that has her healthy enough to come to Daphneyland.  Please join the team. Donate, Share, help spread the word.  Stella deserves to be loved.  We can all give her that chance.  


About the Organization

Golden Empire Basset Rescue oversee's the Daphneyland programs wherein up to 70 basset hounds, mixes and a few bloodhounds daily are in need of training, socialization and ultimately adoptions.

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