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Raise more money with Thank You Gifts!

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Offering nice thank you gifts (or perks) is proven to increase the number and size of your donations. This feature is simple to set up and already available in your settings on Standard GivingGrids only.

Try it! Make a donation to experience it first-hand. We use a demo credit card number, so you won't be charged.

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We're one big team on a mission to fill this GivingGrid!

Thank You Gifts

Giving Feels So Good Bracelet

For a donation of $25 or more.

This amazing Ready 2 Go bracelet from XBracelets is used by hundreds of nonprofits for their fundraising.

Number Available: Unlimited

Wonderful Charity Rocks! T-shirt

For a donation of $50 or more.

The most beautifully designed t-shirt ever, could be yours.

Number Available: 49

A Combination Washing Machine & Toilet

For a donation of $1000 or more.

Now you can take care of two important tasks at the same time AND save water!

Number Available: 4

VIP Tour of Wonderful Charity

For a donation of $2500 or more.

This VIP tour includes dinner with our Executive Director, Ludwig Von Drake.

Number Available: Unlimited

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A few good reasons to offer thank you gifts:

  • They're proven to increase your average donation size. Someone intending to donate $25 may bump the amount to $50 or $100 with the right enticement.
  • They're proven to increase the number of donations you receive. Someone not intending to donate may change their mind with the right enticement.
  • It's a great lasting way to say thank you.
  • If you're using things with your branding, like t-shirts, baseball caps, water bottles, bumper stickers, etc., it's a great way of staying in front of your supporters and spreading the word.

We've also included some cute animal pics, because we can...

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