Oscer's Heart Fund

We urgently need your help!

Check out that smile!  Oscer gave us a huge grin when he heard he had a rescue interested in helping him.  It was a moment of pure joy.  What we did not tell him is that his offer is dependent upon his first receiving treatment for heartworms.  For just $275,  Oscer can get the care he needs AND confirm his rescue offer.  Help us help Oscer by giving today, won't you? 

  • Raised: $275
  • Goal: $275

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    Oscer is getting his second chance and he has YOU to thank.  THANK YOU!

    This smiling, waggy tailed fellow is going to break out of doggy jail and get on with his new life as soon as he gets his heartworm treatment.  All of this is possible thanks to your gift.   Oscer will go in for treatment in about 2 weeks and then after 4 weeks of crate rest,  off he goes to his rescue in Central PA.

    With the shelter as crowded as it is (and what's new about that?),  Oscer is relieved to know he will soon get the medical care he needs and then will begin the exciting process of interviewing for his new full time pet job via his rescue. 

    Thank you for giving and being a part of his rescue success story! 



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