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GivingTuesday Standard

Standard GivingGrid

We've created a special GivingTuesday theme for you. Donors click on the GivingTuesday heart of their choice to make a donation and have the option to upload a photo or message. To see a live example, click the image.

Wall of Love GivingTuesday

Wall of Love

We've created an entire GivingTuesday theme for Wall of Love. People “share the love” and post a GivingTuesday heart with their donation. To see a live example, click the image.

GivingTuesday Standard

Animal Organizations

Check out the GivingTuesday
Paw Hearts!

This fun option is available during set-up and in your settings. Available with both Standard GivingGrids and Wall of Love. To see a live example, click the image. To make things even easier for you, we've actually written a lot of the copy (which you can edit) and much more... Simply start a campaign and you’ll see!

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Special GivingTuesday Facebook Shout-outs

Check out the special Facebook GivingTuesday “shout-outs” Every time someone donates and shares your campaign, it goes with a special message and frame over their image, with a link to your campaign. So viral!

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If you have any questions or need help with your GivingTuesday campaign, please email us at