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Are you experiencing #GivingTuesday overload?You’re not alone… Our research shows there have been: 2.2 million GivingTuesday webinars 2.6 billio


Are you experiencing #GivingTuesday overload?

You’re not alone…

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Our research shows there have been:

2.2 million GivingTuesday webinars
2.6 billion GivingTuesday emails
9.2 billion GivingTuesday Facebook posts
2.7 million GivingTuesday tips for better fundraising
1.1 million GivingTuesday checklists

Okay, so we’re exaggerating a little (maybe a lot), but doesn’t it actually seem like we’re right? Even we’re on overload and we’re responsible for some of this stuff! How much information and tips can there possibly be?

I could swear I saw an ad for a GivingTuesday webinar on how to give a GivingTuesday webinar…

Fear not folks, it’s almost over!

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Tonight, relax and maybe have a cocktail or a nice cup of tea and get plenty of sleep. Tomorrow will hopefully be a wonderfully crazy successful day, afterwhich you can have another cocktail or cup of tea.

That said, don’t relax too much, because now you have to gear up for all the holiday and end-of-year fundraising. Oh, and you also need to prepare yourself for a whole new onslaught of webinars, emails, tips, etc.

We’re thinking about producing our own webinar called “How to make it through GivingTuesday and the end of the year without turning into the Grinch and blowing up the North Pole.”

Stay loose and have fun!! We’re here if you need us.

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Happy Holidays!!